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Madison Mompreneur’s Calendar: A Tool to Align Your Summer with Madison City Schools’ Schedule

Madison City Schools' based Summer Calendar.

Introducing our Madison City Schools’ based Summer Calendar. This tool has been crafted to coincide with the Madison City Schools’ schedule, aiming to assist all you dedicated moms in organizing your summer more efficiently.

I have been using this Summer calendar for the past 3 years, and I love having everything in one page. My kids will refer to it all Summer long to know what camps or play-dates are coming up next. I start using it in March, around Spring Break time which is when most summer camps open their registrations. You can check a list of Northern Alabama Summer camps at Rocket City Moms, they always have updated information.

With multiple kids’ schedule to coordinate, this calendar makes my life so much easier. Whether it’s coordinating business conferences or scheduling playdates, our Madison City Schools’ based Summer Calendar can help you stay ahead. This user-friendly tool provides a visual layout of the summer months, enabling you to handle your time and tasks effectively.

Download your calendar here.

Harness the Madison City Schools’ Based Summer Calendar for Better Productivity

Our Summer Calendar can be utilized in countless ways. I like to use it to visualize all the Summer trips that are coming up, it makes it easier to balance camps, trips and lazy times at home. Even when we are staying around Madison, we still like to take easy day trips to get out of the house for a bit.

Mark critical school dates, lay out your work agenda, or even slot in some well-deserved ‘me time’. By visualizing your schedule in one page it will be easier to coordinate multiple people and projects at once.

Stay Coordinated and Balanced with the Madison City Schools’ Based Summer Calendar

Our Summer Calendar isn’t solely about organization; it’s about balance. It serves as a reminder that while work is crucial, so is family time and self-care.

We only get a few Summers with our kids, and making time for creating memories with them, is so important to us moms. Let’s not forget about ourselves. I don’t know about you, but Summer time is so much about my kids and family that I am not always intentional about making time to see my friends or for self-care. So go ahead and book that well deserved massage for one day this Summer, do it right now, and you are more likely to commit to it. You will thank me later.

Use the calendar to deliberately plan relaxation time, guaranteeing you’re not neglecting self-care amid your business hustle.

A Resource for Every Mompreneur

Always remember, a well-organized summer results in a productive summer. Our Calendar is more than just a tool; it’s a strategy designed to help you excel in your business and personal life. While Madison Mompreneur does not host any coworking event during the Summer, we hope you utilize this Calendar to make this summer a triumphant one. We’re here to back you on this journey!

Make sure to tag on social media if this calendar is helpful to plan your summer, and you can always check our calendar for our upcoming Fall coworking session and events.

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March 16, 2024

Madison City Schools’ Based Summer Calendar

Madison City Schools' based Summer Calendar.