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Moms often wait for the day when all their kids are at school to finally have time for their business, but one thing most people don't talk about is how isolating that phase of motherhood can be. Add that to a lonely journey in solopreneurship and your head is spinning from lack of socialization. 

Juliana Piper and Lauren Hooper founded Madison Mompreneur on Feb. 2023. Juliana Piper, a webdesigner, felt a longing in her heart to have a community that would share a working space, experiences, and support. At one very long kids chess tournament Juliana shared with Lauren her idea and Madison Mompreneur was immediately born.

Today, Madison Mompreneur organizes co-working sessions for moms in Madison city so they have a group accountability and quiet time to work on their business and flourish together with other mompreneurs.

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Juliana Piper and Lauren Hooper

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