Who is this group for?

Any mom with a current or aspiring business that lives in Madison, Alabama or has a business located in Madison, Alabama

How much does it cost?

Our email list and co-working sessions are completely free, but we won't say no to being compensated with hugs and caffeinated beverages.

Where are in-person meetings held?

It's always at a public place around Madison. It could be a coffee shop, or a meeting space at the local library.

Which Madison is it?

The sweet tea sippin', bless your heart sayin', Rocket City-adjacent one located south of the Mason Dixon line in Sweet Home Alabama.

Do I have to attend every meeting?

We would love to see you at every single meeting, but attendance is far from mandatory. RSVPs are always appreciated so we know how big of gathering space we need. But you might find you want to attend as many meetings as possible when you discover how productive, supportive, and energizing it is to work along side our group members!

Can I bring my children?

Unfortunately no. As much as we love children, they can't run a business yet. To make the most of our in-person meetings, we leave the kids behind. Our online meetings are child-friendly so when you have littles (or bigs) to care for, we'll see you there!

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