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Hello Madison Mompreneurs! We are excited to bring you a special blog post today. We have the pleasure of collaborating with Heather Jones, a certified life coach for mompreneurs, who is launching a new chapter of the Association for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) in Huntsville. The chapter aims to create a supportive community for military spouse entrepreneurs, providing a space for sharing ideas, celebrating successes, and navigating the unique challenges of military life together.

AMSE Huntsville Chapter

The AMSE Huntsville chapter is more than just networking. It’s a place of belonging for military spouse entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey. Members will have access to mentorship, support, networking opportunities, skill development resources, and most importantly, a sense of belonging.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the launch of the Huntsville chapter of the Association for Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE)! I invite all military spouse entrepreneurs to join the AMSE Huntsville chapter. Let’s rise together!

Heather Jones

Heather is here to share her story, her vision for the AMSE Huntsville chapter, and why this community matters for all military spouse entrepreneurs.

From Career Climber to Stay-at-Home Mom: A Shift in Focus

Many of you reading this might already know the rollercoaster ride of being a military spouse and certainly the one of being a mompreneur. I certainly do. In my early twenties, fresh out of the military myself, I was on a fast track. My career was blossoming, and I was even enrolled in night school for baking and pastry arts – my dream of opening a bakery was taking shape. Then, life took an unexpected turn: my husband decided to reenlist. We discussed it thoroughly, and agreed to embark on this new chapter together. However, this also meant putting my career and business aspirations on hold.

When our first child arrived, the decision to stay at home felt heavy and at the same time comforting. Motherhood brought a joy I never knew existed, a fierce love that filled my days. But amidst the snuggles and bedtimes, a quiet emptiness started to grow. I realized I wasn’t pursuing anything that truly sparked my passion outside of being a wife and mom.

Lost Purpose and the Envy Monster

The truth is, I began to feel like my contributions paled in comparison to my husband’s service. Here he was, making a real difference in the world, while I felt like my role was simply to create a cozy home. Envy started to creep in and I was just not feeling settled where I was in life.

This internal struggle pushed me to explore ways to contribute and find purpose again, all while being present for my growing family. I experimented with various work-from-home options, searching for that perfect fit.

Life Coaching: Filling My Cup and Finding My Niche

It was during this period of exploration that I found life coaching. The process of becoming a life coach itself became a journey of self-discovery, helping me define my coaching style and identify my ideal client: military spouses yearning to achieve a fulfilling work-life balance while raising a family.

Life coaching wasn’t just about a career change; it became a source of personal fulfillment. As I attended to my own passions and goals, it fueled my happiness and empowered me to show up fully for others. It was like filling my own cup first, allowing me to then pour into the lives of others from a place of knowing.

Why Community Matters: You’re Not Alone

Looking around and then back at my own experience, I realize I wasn’t alone in that feeling of being “lost.” Countless military spouses put their dreams on hold, sacrificing their individuality in the process. But what if we could have both – fulfilling careers and a thriving family life – right now, not someday?

That’s the core principle behind the AMSE Huntsville chapter.

Building a Network of Support: Together We Rise

This chapter is about creating a supportive community. Imagine a space where you’re surrounded by women who “get it” – the unique challenges and triumphs of being a military spouse entrepreneur. A space to share ideas, find encouragement, celebrate successes, and navigate the ever-changing military life together.

More Than Just Networking: Where You Belong

Maybe you’re a seasoned entrepreneur ready to take your business to the next level. Perhaps you’re just starting out, filled with dreams AND questions. The AMSE Huntsville chapter welcomes military spouse entrepreneurs at at any stage of your journey.

By joining our community, you’ll gain access to:

  • Mentorship and Support: Connect with experienced military spouse entrepreneurs and learn from their expertise. Find a network of women on a similar path who can offer encouragement and celebrate your victories.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional circle, collaborate with other military spouse entrepreneurs, and find potential referral partners.
  • Skill Development: Participate in workshops and access resources designed to help you grow your business.
  • A Sense of Belonging: Find a network of women who understand the unique challenges you face and celebrate your victories.

Madison Mompreneurs is proud to support this endeavor and we encourage all our military spouse entrepreneurs to consider joining the AMSE Huntsville chapter. It’s communities like these that empower us all to achieve more, together. To join, visit AMSE Huntsville chapter.

Grab your AMSE membership today!

We are so glad to have Heather as part of Madison Mompreneur community, and we are so proud of her. Learn more about what other Madison Mompreneurs are up to at our Member Highlight Blog Series.


May 27, 2024

Military Spouse Entrepreneurs: Heather Jones Launches AMSE Huntsville Chapter