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When we dreamed up this group at the start of 2023, we were so excited for how it could change the experience of not just moms in the Madison area who own businesses, but the greater community’s ability to easily find and support mom-owned, local businesses. 

Which is why we are excited to announce a new offering to the Madison area to help check off your holiday gift list AND support the local businesses that allow our area to thrive. The 2023 Madison Mompreneur Holiday Shopping Guide is here to help you do just that!

This Holiday Shopping Guide is exactly what we have wished existed for years. It is so easy to just place a delivery or pickup order at the same big box store, hire the first service or experience that pops up in an online search, or rely on generic gift cards for gifts. We wanted it to be easier for ourselves and others to access a comprehensive directory of local businesses that truly need our support. 

We all have the same 24 hours in the day, but there are often very few of those hours that moms can devote to their businesses. Moms are building their businesses slow over time, in the small pockets between breakfast clean up and lunch prep, while we sit at soccer practice, and after bedtime when we have already worked a full day at another job. We don’t always get to go to the networking events to make connections and find potential clients. We know that our dream is worth the effort, but primary parenting responsibilities traditionally fall on us so we work to find the balance.

Investing in a business from the start can be a huge help, but as moms funding isn’t always accessible or a sound business decision. We can’t always hire additional staff or contract someone to help with small tasks. We can’t run lots of paid ads online or around town. We might not have all the pretty business cards and marketing materials.

As mom entrepreneurs, we deeply know the struggles that mothers face as business owners, but we also see the incredible value that working with a mom-owned business brings. No shady sales tactics, no run-around, no games. Our businesses often start out as passion projects, and we can continue that passion when we create products, form LLCs, and move into brick and mortar spaces. Moms are here to take care of the world, and they absolutely take the best care of their clients. 

Supporting a mom-owned business isn’t just a benefit to other moms. It is a benefit to us all, to our community as a whole. When our moms are supported and succeeding, we all do better. As the saying goes, a rising tide lifts all boats. 

We won’t make you wait any longer to dive into the 2023 Madison Mompreneur Holiday Shopping Guide. Once downloaded, we encourage you to save this guide somewhere accessible so that you can continue to use it throughout the year, not just the holidays! The next time you find yourself at your regular, convenient shopping destination or searching online for a specialty service, we hope you open this guide and choose to support your local mom-owned business instead! Happy shopping!


November 14, 2023

How to Support Madison Mompreneur Businesses